Danish Sisterhood Ellen Lodge No. 21


The Danish Sisterhood of America/Dansk Søster Samfund or DSS was started in 1883 when the first Lodge was organized in Michigan.  The purpose was to support Danish immigrants in the USA and to maintain Danish traditions. 


We have one Lodge here in Colorado in the Denver area and that is Ellen Lodge #21 - started in 1892.  We have around 37 members.  We come from all over the Denver metro area.  We meet once a month, sometimes two if we have special events.  Some of us are first generation Danes, others are 2nd, 3rd or 4th.  Some simply have an interest in Danish heritage.  We usually meet in members' homes. Those of us who want to and are able take turns hosting.  Ordinarily we meet the third Saturday of the month at 10:30 am.  Sometimes we bring a sandwich, but usually the hostess and co-hostess will fix lunch, at times it turns into a potluck.  We do not talk business at all meetings, we try to keep that to a minimum but sometimes it is necessary when we are a part of a National organization.  We have a good time talking and learning about Danish history, culture, traditions and of course also about our families and lives.  We try to get as much heritage in as possible. In addition, the last few years we have also tried to add other events. Not everyone is able to participate in the more active events outside of the regular meetings because they are elderly, but we do our best to make sure everyone can take part.  We come from "many walks of life" but we all have a common interest in everything Danish.



You can also visit http://www.danishsisterhood.com/ to learn more about the National organization.